Cloud Control

We are continuously evaluating technology sectors for developments, complementary products and services to ensure our clients are using to the best solutions. One such category that we have been working with recently are Email filtering services. These products have to continuously evolve in order to keep up with ever increasing threats and legal requirements.

It is our view that Email filtering services are best provided as a Cloud based solution so that your precious internet bandwidth is only consumed by genuine traffic. Hosted email filtering services have been around for a long time, however over recent years there has been some consolidation of the various providers leaving us with a handful of key vendors and some neat comprehensive solutions.

Email scanning is not especially time sensitive so end to end performance is not a problem. Generally speaking Email is transmitted across the internet in clear text anyway so security in terms of where the scanning takes place makes no difference. This makes it ideal for having the filtering service carried out in the Cloud where there are much greater economies of scale.

Cloud based content filtering solutions provide a thorough extensive scanning capability using a number of leading Antivirus or SPAM and content filtering products, removing all the junk and viruses long before they reach your network.
While the service provider takes care of all the server and security infrastructure needed, the fine tuning and mail control can be managed by end users via an easy to use web based control panel.

Most importantly Cloud based filtering services free up IT admin time and internet bandwidth for useful purpose, in addition to being able to provide options for content control, data loss prevention (DLP) and web filtering which can be bolted on to a standard package. The solutions are typically available on a per user annual basis, with economies of scale and its suitability for deploying in the Cloud  it’s very easy to justify the significant benefits.Cloud services

There are many filtering products and even more vendors in the market. Periodically it’s worth reviewing your existing solution/vendor to make sure you are getting everything you need at the at the most competitive price.

We work with the leading Cloud email filtering vendors, providing easy to use solutions for your business.