About IS People

IS People specialise in innovative and cost effective IT infrastructure solutions to the SMB engineering and manufacturing sector. Recent projects include designing a wireless network solution to extend IT service to the far corners of a manufacturing site; implementing a custom offsite backup solution with regular recovery tests, to meet compliance regulations; and virtualising failing servers to extend the life of legacy LOB applications.

We also provide day-to-day IT support to our clients, working to support your in-house skills and current application providers – filling the gaps in service and technology that sometimes get ignored until they become critical. We assist with problems, provide holiday cover and backline support for any issues, and offer support and training on new technologies.

Our customers can call on our technical knowledge and network of distributors and vendors to help them make the right purchasing choices too, both for their back office systems and their own products. We source and supply at very competitive rates for both small and large quantities.

There is no need to drop your current arrangements or sign up on a contract. We work on either pay-as-you-go or quoted job terms and we aim to reduce calls by improving your infrastructure and in-house skills. Our customers find this approach much more cost effective than fixed contracts, which often don’t deliver good value.

The result is a reliable, high quality IT infrastructure and a service tailored at the level you require when you need it. All without costing a fortune.