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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government backed scheme to ensure that IT infrastructure is secured against the external (“cyber”) attacks. The most common attacks can be prevented by addressing five areas – firewalls, configuration, access control, malware prevention and update management. We have helped a number of customers with the assessment and remediation phases for Cyber Essential and Cuber Essentials Plus.

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Infrastructure refresh

When Daler-Rowney decided to upgrade their IT hardware, operating systems and application software they turned to IS People for their specialist skills, experience and expert knowledge to support the new infrastructure.

By fully understanding Daler-Rowney’s systems, IS People’s experienced consultants are able to provide a comprehensive support service and work collaboratively with Daler-Rowney IT Team, ensuring knowledge transfer is provided at every opportunity.

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NetConnect remote access

Mirion Technologies had a problem with their ERP application. They were using an older version of the software because it was in the process of being replaced. In the meantime, their 64-bit Windows 7
clients couldn’t run it.

Solving the problem by upgrading to a more recent version wasn’t an option. They had already tried using the Virtual PC feature in Windows 7 and a Terminal Services installation to get around the issue but there were problems with both those approaches. So they asked IS People if we could come up with a better solution.

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VMware virtualisation

Mirion ISD’s IT team were facing a number of challenges upgrading hardware. They wanted to increase reliability but had a number of applications that were not compatible with newer hardware and operating systems.

The team also wanted to deploy a more robust backup and recovery solution that could consolidate various solutions and associated media. IS People reviewed the options with the IT and Facilities Manager at Mirion Technologies and it soon became clear that a virtualised solution based around VMware was the best option to meet the requirements.

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