Work is an activity, not a place

NetConnect is an enterprise mobility solution, allowing users to work securely from anywhere using their device of choice. NetConnect protects the network and the data, whilst extending the entire office environment onto the mobile device, without the need for any migration or organizational change, offering an exceptional user experience.

NetConnect enables secured access of single and multiple servers (both cloud & non-cloud), as well as PCs from any device of choice. Users can work from anwhere in the world, carrying their office in their pocket, mirroring the same experience they enjoy at their work PC.

Purpose built for SMEs, NetConnect turns your preferred device (iPad, iPhone,  Android or any PC) into a secure window into a user‘s office environment with zero configuration downtime and complete security.  As a result, NetConnect empowers the SME to embrace mobility & subscribe to future ways of working.

Simply install NetConnect on your local or cloud environment and your office is instantly mobile, in your pocketanywhere  you go. Access your PC, office computer, or cloud resource with NetConnect and never again will your office be more than arms length away, anywhere in the world.

The user experience is paramount. NetConnect mobile applications offer a seamless and consistent experience, no matter the device or browser you choose to access from. Simple and intuitive, NetConnect draws a user‘s desktop experience, in its entirety, to any mobile device.


• HTML5 interface with compatibility with all devices
• Access, security, authentication and policy all provided within a single platform, lowering cost of ownership
• Application servers stay deep in the data center, minimizing security risks and patch management
• Seamless connectivity with authentication and policy servers already in use
• Quick installation with no infrastructure changes or data migration required
• Icon-driven user interface eliminates end user re-training
• Efficient universal printing ensures compatibility with all printers

Security features

• Granular authentications and policy groupings
• Up to ten authentication and policy stages per grouping
• Supports Active Directory Global Security groups, plus LDAP, RADIUS, and local groups
• Native 2-Factor authentication support
• Configurable session timeouts and periodic re-authentications
• Device “fingerprinting” authorizes only pre-approved devices
• Endpoint Security solution eliminates threats of data leakage
• Application Layer Proxy protection: Shields your network resources from public exposure
• Identity-based deployment of authorised applications
• Certified solution: CCTM; FIPS 140-2 Level 4 option

Client devices

• iOS, OSX
• Android, ChromeBooks
• Windows
• Linux

Supported hypervisors

• VMware ESX
• Microsoft Hyper-V
• Citrix XenServer
• CentOS KVM

Download the Technical Overview to give you a deeper insight into the capabilities of the NetConnect platform and learn more about how it can act as a gateway between the external world and your
internal network and resources.

Download the White Paper for an examination of some of the security and technical challenges that small businesses face as demand for access to data from any device grows.

Special April offer

On March 31st, NetConnect gained a new UK support company and a new partner network, of which we are proud to be a member.

To celebrate, IS People are offering a no commitment free trial and free installation of NetConnect in your organisation. To qualify, you need to have an existing virtual infrastucture (Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX) and you need to register your interest by the end of April 2017. If you don't have the right environment, we can give you access to our demo system so you can still see the benefits for yourself.

This is a great opportunity to discover the benefits of NetConnect for yourself. Don't miss it!

Contact us through the usual channels - by email on or by phone on 01344 668014.