NetConnect partnership

We’re very excited to announce that we are now official UK Partners for the NetConnect remote access platform from Northbridge Secure.

The Netilla platform was a pioneering SSL VPN device. But in recent years, it had been passed around a few companies and development had stalled. Australian company Northbridge Secure bought the rights in 2014 and have enhanced it to bring it up to date as a secure, clientless mobility platform. Along the way, it’s gained a new name – NetConnect.

NetConnect is aimed at the SME market, with proven implementations in the academic, legal and medical markets as well as manufacturing and service industries. It enables remote access to your internal applications and information, whilst enforcing your security policies and ensuring that data does not leave your organisation. All the end user needs is an HTML5 capable browser or an app on their Android or iOS device.

Northbridge Secure now have a European office and, from March 31st 2017, Enforce Technology will be acting as UK distributor and helpdesk for NetConnect products.

As great believers in NetConnect, we’re very happy to see it being properly supported in the UK and will be doing our best to introduce it to as many customers as possible.