Dell to buy Sonicwall

Dell has announced that it intends to buy the security appliance specialist, Sonicwall.

Sonicwall has a well-regarded product range, good revenues, a healthy reseller programme, and a portfolio of patents related to computer security – all of which makes them an attractive prospect for any purchaser.

What makes Sonicwall particularly attractive to Dell is how neatly they fit into the Secureworks product line Dell have been putting together. With KACE covering end device security and AppAssure covering application security, Sonicwall will complete the picture by covering network and datacenter security.

All Sonicwall employees will be retained and products will be available initially both through Sonicwall’s reseller programme and Dell’s PartnerDirect channel. Hopefully this will ensure little disruption to the delivery of Sonicwall products.

Dell press release

Sonicwall press release

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