New Startup Company?

Which is the best solution for your company?

Hosted? Cloud? Virtual? SaaS? ****?

We offer advice, help, implementation and strategic services to new business and startup organisations. We will unravel the hype, acronyms and technology to present real solutions in plain English.

IS People are your virtual internal IT resource, we provide the advice and support you need when you need it most.



With so many new technologies it’s sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees, we can help explain the benefits and shortcoming of the various approaches and technologies to ensure you keep on the right track.

Server Consolidation


With increasing demands on efficiency and flexibility we help you meet these objectives by consolidating a number of systems and their storage onto one or more physical platforms. We explain the benefits of virtualisation and storage area networks (SANs), such as increased resilience & availability, and how they can apply to your business.


Cloud Solutions

Let’s remove the jargon and explain the benefits and drawbacks of the new technologies from a user and business perspective. Draw on our extensive real world experience to implement a solution that works for your business.

Remote Solutions

Remote Solutions

Remote working and mobility has become and essential part of most organisations. We provide advise on the different options and implement remote access solutions from all leading vendors – speak to us about your requirements.